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publishes Dynamic Responses InfoShare™

What is Dynamic Responses InfoShare™

Dynamic Responses InfoShare™ is a web-based application which provides a flexible communication system. It can be set up as a one-to-one and/or one-to-many and/or many-to-many set of communication channels. Who sees what is under the control of a system administrator who invites participants into one or more private and/or public communication channels. Within those communication channels top-level users and participants post topics, responses and comments along with associated files.

Download a detailed description
of how Dynamic Responses InfoShare works HERE

Note: The size of this file is 24MBytes.

Communication Channels

  • A top-level user can set up any number of communication channels.
    (Note: communication channels take the place of stakeholder types in the original model).
  • Top-level users invite one or more participants into a communication channel.
  • A participant can be in one or more communication channels.
  • A communication channel can be private (one participant) or public (many participants).
  • Top-level users can share a private communication channel with other top-level users.
  • Initially a communication channel is private but more participants can be added to make it public.

Posting Topics

  • Top-level users and optionally (set in preferences) participants post topics (synonyms: items, issues, themes, subjects, threads)
    into their communication channels.
  • Topics in public communication channels are seen by all participants in that communication channel.
  • Topics in private communication channels are seen only by the one participant and any top-level user seeing that communication channel.
  • Topics are identified in the interface as being private or public, depending on which communication channel they reside in.


  • Responses (synonym: replies) to topics are posted by participants and top-level users.
  • Responses to private topics are only seen by the participant and top-level user(s) who can view that communication channel.
  • Responses to public topics are seen by all participants and top-level user(s) who can view that communication channel.


  • Comments (synonyms: observations, notes, remarks) are public or private along the same lines as responses.

File Attachments

  • Each topic, response and comment can have one or more files attached.


There are options available to top-level users and, separately, participants:
  • top-level options:
    • whether a participant can post topics;
    • alert options - every event, hourly report, daily digest, never;
    • more...
  • participants:
    • alert options on posts - every event, hourly report, daily digest, never etc.;
    • more...

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